Risk Management | HSEQ

Risk Management | HSEQ

Health and Safety

We consider a minimum standard for our HSE.

At JBL, we are committed to ensuring compliance of health & safety regulations as we believe in the safety and well-being of our employees and visitors. Our approach consists of:

• Compliance with all international standards pertaining to our field of activity
• Creating a trustworthy environment for our partners
• Establishing a proper risk assessment with respect to technicality, visibility and transparency
• Educating our employee community about safety at work



We put our environs into great consideration

We take pride in adopting sustainable business practices. One such example is our commitment to a paperless environment. In order to reduce our environmental footprint, JBL adopts a ‘Paperless’ communication policy.

At JBL, business functions are executed through an internal intranet capable of facilitating communication online, without the use of paper. Moreover, all emailing systems and document management systems are fully automated online, to ensure minimal printing and paper wastage.

This year, our aim is to reduce:

• Consumption of paper by 15% through our paperless communication policy
• Toner usage by 15%
• Our use of fuel by 5% by increasing the efficiency of our distribution channels/despatching


Code of Ethics

To adhere to our policies we are guided by code of ethics

JBL shows its commitment by adhering to strict functions ensuring we are in compliance to key ethical standards and global practices. Remaining faithful to those, has allowed greater return for our customers, our employees and for the community at large.

The code of ethics is a document signed by the new employee and forms part of the employment contract. It defines the values that we cherish, explains the conduct expected as well as the responsibility involved in the execution if the tasks attributed by his role within the company.

At JBL we adopt strict reporting practices on good governance with regard to annual board meetings, corporate performance reporting and the subjection to both internal and external audit, which ensure ethical business practices.

We also encourage an open door policy and have several means of encouraging two-way communication between employees and management.

In order to be accountable to the highest standards, JBL offers total transparency to anyone wanting to know about our operations.

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